The Power of Memorials

Power of Memorials

  • Memorialization is a powerful concept. To be memorialized is a universal need. The desire to remember, and be remembered. It serves both the living and the deceased on multiple levels.
  • First and foremost, regardless of cremation or traditional burial, memorials are a way for the living to remember those who have died. They can be revisited to remember a life and what that person contributed to our lives.
  • On a deeper level, memorials provide the living with a focus for our grief. A memorial in honor of the deceased can help us bring together our thoughts and feelings, clearing our minds to make space for the future.
  • Spiritually, they provide us with comfort that our loved ones are in a better place and that some day we will be reunited with them.
  • But that day is not this day. A memorial reminds us of that fact too. Life is for living, and a memorial in honor of those we love can act to spur us on to a greater appreciation of life too.
  • Everyone is entitled to this ultimate dignity, a great comfort for the living and the deceased alike.